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Thank You from Mayor-Elect Shultz

Thank you to the voters and residents of Carlisle for entrusting the office of mayor to me. I also thank Mayor Scott for his steady leadership these past eight years and for his camaraderie and friendship since I was first elected to council. Especially, thank you to my loving wife, Amy, who has been by my side in every election. To my two dear children, you are my greatest supporters. Working toward a better future for you and children like you throughout Carlisle is the reason public service is so rewarding.

Success in elections and public service are never achieved by individuals alone. It takes leadership and vision, and it also needs a collective effort. There are obstacles before us over these next four years, but those obstacles are opportunities for us to rise to the occasion and overcome them as a community. We succeed only when we work together, when we uplift the downtrodden and seek equity and justice for all.

Together, we will work diligently toward our commitment to reduce and eventually eliminate our contributions to climate change. We will be there for our small businesses and residents who continue to claw their way out of the economic turmoil the pandemic induced. And we will support every segment of our community and especially our residents of color and neighborhoods that have been among the most disadvantaged historically. The success of each member of our community is integral to our collective achievement.

To those who supported me in this election, thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those who did not support me, I will be your mayor, too. You will have my ear. We may not always agree, and I will be honest with you. I also will not pretend to have all the answers because when we listen to each other and remain committed to our democracy, we will be stronger together.

I look forward to continuing to serve alongside my incredibly dedicated and thoughtful fellow members of council as we forge ahead. Congratulations to Councilor Landis on her reelection and to Safronia Perry for her momentous election.

We have a mountain of work before us. We will surmount it together. We will work to restore faith that our local government works for all. We will rebuild our community as we rise from the financial crisis, and we will renew our purpose as a community united.

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