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The son of a blue collar family, Sean has remained motivated since his youth to serve his community. His passion for service was ignited by his dad, a Vietnam veteran and former volunteer firefighter, particularly through Sean's service as a volunteer with his dad's veterans' organization. Sean saw people who just needed a chance to get on their feet so they could succeed. With the support of his parents and family, he worked to put himself through college and then law school, the first of his family to do either, with the goal of making a career serving others.   


Sean arrived in Carlisle over 20 years ago to make good on his dream. Arriving in Carlisle back then, he quickly fell in love with Carlisle's historic charm and sense of community. While building a law practice, Sean volunteered his time for various organizations like Carlisle Summerfair, the United Way, and the American Literacy Corporation.

In 2005, a friend suggested to Sean that he apply to fill a vacancy on Carlisle Borough Council. In a bipartisan vote, he gained the seat. He served 13 years on Council, including as its president and his last four as deputy mayor. He has and continues to serve as a solicitor (legal counsel) for several Cumberland County townships.

As a member of Council, Sean authored and then worked to gain passage of the Carlisle Human Relations Ordinance, providing local protection against illegal discrimination and extending that protection to the LGBTQ+ members of our community. He initiated Council's Greenhouse Gas Inventory that has led to the current Climate Action Plan. He has worked tirelessly on criminal justice efforts over his many years, including leading the effort to bring a co-responder to Carlisle to give the Carlisle Police Department and other Borough departments the tools we need to compassionately and effectively address those whose issues are rooted in the need for mental health, housing and substance abuse services. Sean, both as mayor and on Council, led the effort on racial equity.

As the chair of Council's Finance Committee, he worked hard to keep our taxes down while making certain borough government delivers all the core and vital services expected of a borough with over 20,000 residents. He knows that progressive values and fiscal responsibility can and must go hand-in-hand.

Sean and his wife, Amy, feel fortunate to raise their son and daughter here in a place where they can have a diverse, community-centered experience.

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