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Mayor Shultz Endorses Mike O'Brien for Congress

My mom taught me that if you put others first—if you strengthen those in need—you will have left the world a better place. It’s what I strive to do each day as mayor of Carlisle. I can’t think of a better test for a candidate for elected office. 


When I first met Mike O’Brien, he asked only what he could do for the people of Carlisle and the 10th Congressional District—not what we could do for him. I knew I had someone special sitting across the table from me. Mike approaches everything with sincerity and authenticity. He sees the role of elected service as I do—making a lasting positive difference in people’s lives.


During my time on borough council and now as mayor, I’ve had the fortune to meet people from all walks of life. I’ve come to know so many middle- and working-class folks struggling with housing insecurity, people who work hard but cannot earn enough to be assured basic human dignity. I’ve spent time with immigrants and refugees who came here for security and the American Dream. I count among my friends, people who daily must fight to overcome racial inequities. As mayor, I need an ally in Congress. All of our residents would have a tremendous ally in Mike O’Brien.


I’m also a practical guy. During my time in local government, I’ve found common ground and opportunities to partner with every elected official in state and federal office who serves this area regardless of their party affiliation. Even if I didn’t see eye-to-eye with some of them, they have all shown up in some way to help the people of Carlisle with one exception. Scott Perry has been an absentee congressman, and much worse, he has worked to undermine our country.


And so I turn to my dad, a Vietnam veteran who, like Mike’s service as a Marine, served our country and returned to civilian life during a time of international and domestic turmoil to make a difference at home. My dad had been a staunch Republican. After January 6, 2020, he had enough and switched parties. When he learned of Scott Perry working to undermine our government, he told me, in much more blunt words than this, to support someone who could beat Perry. 


I know that candidate is Mike O’Brien. Mike has laid a foundation to win. He has the resume and courage to beat Perry. Just as importantly, I support Mike O’Brien for the people most important in my life: my brother serving as an officer in the US Navy, for the rights of my wife, daughter, mom, sister, and nieces, and for all the people of Carlisle who need the light of hope.


I wholeheartedly endorse Mike and hope you will join me in my support of Mike O’Brien for Congress.

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