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Big News! Mayor Scott Endorsement!

On Monday, May 3, Mayor Tim Scott officially announced his endorsement of the candidacy of Sean Shultz for Mayor of Carlisle Borough.

"Carlisle Borough needs leadership guided by knowledge, experience, honesty, empathy and grace. That kind of leadership doesn't just belong in the White House or the Governor's Residence, it belongs in our town halls. And that's why I'm proud to endorse Sean Shultz for Mayor," said two-term Mayor Scott.

Mayor Scott is a 20-year veteran of Carlisle Borough government, having served on Borough Council for 12 years before his historic election to mayor in 2013. He and Deputy Mayor Shultz have guided Carlisle through some of the toughest times in generations, grappling simultaneously with the health and economic impacts of the global pandemic along with nationwide racial strife.

"Tim has been a steady hand in the most challenging time in our lifetimes. It has been a privilege serving with him. To have earned his trust, friendship and endorsement is a tremendous honor because he knows more than anyone what it takes to be mayor," said Deputy Mayor Shultz.

"Sean has served by my side for the last 5 1/2 years as Deputy Mayor and previously as Council President. We have become friends as well colleagues. I know Sean has the qualities to lead council and this borough through the post-pandemic recovery. So, on May 18, vote Sean Shultz for Carlisle Mayor," Mayor Scott stated.

Sean Shultz has served for 12 years on Carlisle Borough Council. While keeping a firm, responsible hand on the borough budget, his time on council with Mayor Scott has been marked by momentous initiatives, including the establishment of the Carlisle Human Relations Commission, which protects against unlawful discrimination, the creation of a borough greenhouse gas inventory and the upcoming local climate action plan, and the formation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission intended to lead to meaningful reform to address vast racial inequities in Carlisle.

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